evolutionJust a few words about why we are here (Cheryl and I, I mean. You’ll have to develop your own origin back story. Sorry.) and what we are doing. It’s a short tale, so just hang on with me for a minute or two.

I first started blogging about seven years ago – my first website was called “Rich’s Blog-O-Rama.” I posted funny stories, stupid fail videos, ranted about life and work and it was, generally speaking, a mess. Kinda like tumblr, minus the naked people. In spite of that, the site was visited, on average, 78 times a day. I had a lot of comments, and several other bloggers linked to things I had posted. This was all before twitter, and before most people knew what facebook was. I felt good about it, but I also felt like I could do more, but I was in no position to do what I wanted to do – more on that in a minute…

So basically I just got sick of it at some point, and closed it down. I kept writing – joined facebook about that time and posted long rambling posts and decided I needed another blog so I started “My Dreams They Aren’t As Empty” where I whined a lot about the state I was in spiritually, physically and mentally all the time. Not a lot of people got anything out of that, but I kept posting. I have deleted some of those posts, but the first one was 2/21/10, about the winter olympics.

Somewhere in all that, we started going to a new church, Gateway, and we really loved it – felt at home in church for probably the first time since I was a kid growing up in Harrah. And somewhere in all that, we started finding freedom – freedom to be all that we were created to be. My blog posts, and facebook and twitter posts began taking a turn toward more spiritual things, encouraging things, and somewhere in all that, I changed the name of my blog to “Not Ready For Prime Time.”

I called it that because I knew that God had a place for me in ministry, but I didn’t know what that would look like. I had been a pastor for 15 years – and it ended badly and we were hurt badly and I didn’t ever want that to happen again.

Anyway – the more we learned about who God is and how He sees us – as His children, as important enough to die for, dearly loved and adopted into His family – the more we wanted others to know God in this way. So, yet again I changed the name and the theme of my blog – to “Free Falling.” April 25, 2012 was my first post, called “Matt Foley, Lucifer and You.” It was actually a pretty popular post, and defined my style for the next year and a half – funny, goofy, catchy title, but some pretty good content. I would include a few very serious topics with some funny ones and had a great time learning and growing. Cheryl had started a blog around that same time, and we shared each other’s links a lot and were doing ok as part time amateur bloggers.

But, God was asking us to do more. We didn’t know what, but as we grew in Him, that vision began to firm up a bit, and last year, as we prayed and fasted, it really took a shape that we began to love and long for. We still weren’t there yet…but we knew something very cool was coming.

And that is this – rebuilt from the ground up, brand new website, new focus, new ministry right here on the internet. This is place where you can come to be encouraged, to discuss what is on your heart and mind, to find hope, healing and freedom. Freedom like Cheryl and I have found. Freedom to be everything that God created us to be. Instead of each of us having our own blog, we are both going to be posting to this one, and we have designed it to be simple – simple to post, simple to have discussions, simple to make friends and simple to meet needs.

So – that’s our evolution. The love and grace of God has brought us here, and we are here for you! Now, take a minute and reflect on your origin story – how did you get where you are right now, and where do you think God wants to take you from here?