Free ebook – The Pursuit Of Joy

philippians pursuit

For this week only, you can get the revised copy of my devotional book The Pursuit of Joy: A Study in Philippians by following this link.

This is a 20 day devotional – enough for a whole month if you skip the weekends. Because why wouldn’t you?

Also, there are 5 small group activities in case you want to get a few copies and lead a group.

Just to repeat myself, this is a free download just for this week. Why? Because I like you! And a few other things – I completely revised the book, expanded on a few things, changed a “k” to a “g” in one place, and I made it prettier.

Also because I’m going to start on something new this week. I’ve been thinking about it for a year, and it’s time to do it.

After this week, the updated Pursuit of Joy will be uploaded to Amazon and it will go back to the original purchase price of $2.99. SO…get it while it’s free, and comment below if you like it – thanks!
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